Thursday, 24 July 2008

Miracle Berry in UK

There is a new website selling miracle berry tablets in the UK. You can find their website here > Miracle Berry UK

They sell the English packet which is red in colour and written in English, please be aware of sellers that do not display their packaging or are selling out of date green packets written in Chinese.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Miracle Berry Sellers

Looking around the internet there are far too many people selling miracle berry products mainly these products are miracle berry tablets.

However hardly any of these miracle berry websites actually even show the packing or image of the product. I wonder why, is it because they don't even have the product in stock. I have received hundreds of complaints from people who have paid for miracle berry tablets on these kind of websites and many weeks later and even months later they have still not received the product, I have received hundreds of emails asking if I have them in stock, the answer is YES, the miracle berry tablets are in stock now and ready to order, I am not taking orders and making people wait by using their money to buy the item wholesale.

Most of these miracle berry sellers cannot even be found through a natural search and rely on google adwords to drive traffic to their site, and the majority of these sites have just 2 or 3 pages that have been thrown together quickly full of text that has been copied from news reports in order to jump on the miracle berry bandwagon.

I would strongly advice people looking to buy miracle berry tablets to use a search engine and select a vendor that can be found through a natural search rather than use google adwords.

These sellers have no reputation, no contact details apart from an email, and do not even display an address on their website, or if they do then it is just a PO Box address, and because have none of their own content on their websites they cannot be found through a natural search. Also it's easy to spot these plauguirisers as they put many "testimonials" on their website, which are so obviously fake.

I have sold over 1000 packets of miracle berry tablets and over 40% of people have re ordered, which is testimonial in itself, many of my customers left recommendations in blogs and forums, but I have NEVER had an email from a customer saying how much they liked the product, people just don't do that sort of thing, DID YOU ever send a tesimonial - NO !

So its plain obvious that all these tesimonials all originated from the website owners mind ! SO the text on their websites is copied, their testimonials are fake and they have no address !!!! Would you do business with a company like this ?

Miracle Berry with Medicine

A new use of the miracle berry has emerged. It has been documented that many people who are taking very strong tasting bitter medicines, especially for conditions like cancer, that they have been using the miracle berry tablets to change the taste of the medicine, making it more palatable.

Certain medicines as we know taste quite awful, remember when you were young and as a child your parents tried to make you take a spoonful of medicine when you had a bad cough and you didn't want to take it because you knew it tasted awful - well now thanks the the amazing taste changing miracle berry tablets this could be a thing of the past.

Because the miracle berry tablet is made from 100% natural ingredients, just freeze dried miracle berry extract and corn starch then it is 100% safe to eat, and can be used to dampen the strong bitterness of medicines, and in some cases even make the medicines taste sweet and delicious !!

Friday, 11 July 2008

People Needed in London for a Miracle Berry Party

We are looking for about 50 people to attend a miracle berry party somewhere in the London area.

A miracle berry party is not only a great way to enjoy the taste trip but a great fun way of meeting new people and a great night out !

After taking one miracle berry tablet you can then tuck in to the huge buffet of amazing foods which change taste.

There will be a huge buffet of citrus fruits, picked foods, and drinks and the usual miracle berry foods reknowned for tasting delicious after eating the miracle berry.

If you want to get involved then join our miracle berry yahoo group here > Miracle Berry Group and hopefully soon we can get enough people to attend.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Miracle Fruit Restaurants

Wow, those Japanese sure know a thing or two about the miracle berry. In Tokyo a restaurant now has a completely new menu thanks to the miracle fruit. Customers are invited to eat a miracle berry upon entrance and then start on a buffet of taste changing foods. Japanese dieters are said to be crazy about the taste trip, because they can enjoy sweet tasting foods without the bad effects of real sugar, so its goodbye to those cakes, biscuits, doughnuts, sweets and chocolate, and its hello to tomatoes, carrots, lemons, brocolli and pickled onions !!! You definitely won't put on weight eating those - but can still enjoy a sweet taste on your palate ! A sure fire way to beat those cravings - just take a miracle berry tablet, and then eat these healthy food instead.